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L. and I went to Hazel's "12th anniversary show" tonight at the Meow Meow--never mind that they hadn't really been together for half of that time! Davies vs. Dresch opened--their first show with their new drummer and "first real show," Donna Dresch explained to me. (I had seen a Team Dresch show back in the mid-'90s, but I don't think I'd talked to her in person since she stayed at my house for a bit back in 1992 or so, when she was rehearsing for Fifth Column's tour. I wore my Fifth Column shirt in her honor (a reproduction of Tom of Finland-style biker girls--this will give you the idea) tonight; she didn't recognize me at first, but it turns out she's actually moving in a couple of weeks to a house a few blocks from here! Anyway, D vs. D are awesome--the energy and speed of early Team Dresch stuff, really catchy, really precise. Hadn't heard (singer/guitarist) Kristina Davies' old band Half Seas Over before, but now I'm very curious.

Tara Jane O'Neil played next--I like her playing a lot, I like almost all the musicians I know that she's ever played with, I've always felt like I ought to enjoy her songs by rights, but both her solo & Retsin stuff has never quite clicked with me; the same held tonight (despite all-star band, inc. Miggy from Ida playing keyboards etc.). For an encore, she & her band did "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight," and of course sounded fabulous.

Hazel were awesome. I loved their dynamic with each other (playing and otherwise) and with the people they knew in the audience (Jodi trying to convince Pete to play a particular song: "That's a a beautiful song! If you didn't want to have to play it, you shouldn't have written such a beautiful song!"), I was happy to hear "Blank Florida" second in the set, and oh my, Fred. Fred's the guy who runs the art space Pacific Switchboard here in PDX; he is also Hazel's designated dancer (and is older than them by probably a good 25 years). He came on at the beginning of the show in a business suit with newspaper; pulled out a pair of scissors and started cutting the suit he was wearing to pieces, then hurled the scissors upward (they landed in the rafters and stayed there), ripped off the rest of the suit to reveal a sort of garish muu-muu and a pink wig, etc. Kept coming on for almost every song with a new prop or outfit; the best was the large jug of water he balanced on his forehead, while dancing.

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