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So for months now I've been talking up this show that Sun City Girls did for Brian Turner's show on WFMU a year or so back--when it comes out for real it's going to really turn some heads around about the SCGs, I told everyone. And, behold, it's out--as Radio One & Two, volumes 11 and 12 of their "Carnival Folklore Resurrection" series, in a mail-order-only edition of 400 copies. It's great--up there with 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond the Rig-Veda and Live from Planet Boomerang in their discography, as far as I'm concerned, and one of their most all-over-the-place records (best segue: a hilarious/tasteless/confusing spoken-word bit about Carl Palmer and 9/11, which is also a WFMU ID, sails over the plate and gets smashed full-on by the opening snare drum of a screeching cover of the "Batman" theme).

In other originally-aired-on-WFMU news, Ronald Thomas Clontle's masterpiece has been reissued on CD; it is necessary for everyone who owns more than three books of rock criticism to hear it. It is doubly necessary for anyone who owns more than five rock reference books to hear "The Music Scholar", from a CD released by the same company.


M Matos said:

what do you think of the new double cd?

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