and where have you been?


Sorry not to have updated lately--I've been sipping delicately from the firehose of NYC. Lisa bought me a 7-train T-shirt, which I'd never have dared to own while I was living there full-time, and am oddly delighted to have in PDX, but one doesn't exactly need to represent in one's own home town, right? Same reason I'd wear a Powell's T-shirt there (well, once they work out a new contract with their staff) but not here.

Highlights included: seeing many, many people I love dearly; a kind-of-awful art opening at which I ran into a couple of folks I hadn't seen in ages, a friend of a friend gave Lee Ranaldo a concrete lollipop she'd made, and Lisa was recognized by her college roommate's college boyfriend and a guy she'd sat next to on an airplane two years ago; Emily Operator's birthday karaoke party, at which I achieved a cathartic conclusion of my fascination with "Kaw-Liga" by performing it in the style of Bright Eyes (voice trembling! spitting out the "wishes he was still an old pine tree!" etc.); dutifully reading about 600 more pages on the morality of the war aims of Julius Caesar & Cortez, etc., which don't get me wrong is great but was building up a certain amount of pressure inside my skull, and then grabbing an enormous stack of Batman and Sleeper and Tom Strong comics, which relieved it better than any aspirin ever; assisting Lisa with a day-long photo shoot in a shabby midtown hotel room with 9 of our friends as models that left her exhausted but very excited about some of the stuff she'd gotten on film.

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