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Lisa, who is officially the Best Spouse Anywhere Ever, came in this afternoon with my birthday present (I opened the door for her, so saw it early): a brand-new Stratocaster. It's light metallic green, has a light tan case, and is unbelievably beautiful. It's the sort of guitar that somebody would pose with on the cover of a solo album if it were bright red, but I don't know that I've ever seen another guitar this color; this particular shade seems to be a 2004 thing (as do metallic pastels in general). Which maybe means that in 10 years it'll be an embarrassing 2004 color, but in 20 years it'll be a hyper-cool 2004 color.

I've actually never owned a decent electric guitar before--in the closet in L.I.C. I've got a terrible guitar I bought for I think $20 that has Earl Slick's signature on it in gold metallic pen, and a whammy bar that sends it instantly and hopelessly spiraling out of tune, and I think that's it. But Lisa's got her Telecaster here, and I've got my bass and the 4-track, and now I've got a STRAT. Tremble, hapless globe.

Other musical birthday presents that arrived today: 137 or so 2003 songs from Matos; a CD-R of new songs from Alig; a copy of I Like It, vol. 1 from myself. And I discovered La Palabra and its Nutella/lime/cayenne crepes. I'm going to be eating a lot of those, and spending probably unhealthy amounts of time playing with the letterpress gear.

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