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Ventured out only briefly today, and I think it was a mistake. The melt-and-freeze cycle has now produced a sheet of solid ice on the city, horizontal and vertical (the bus shelters were coated on all sides, and the trees were heavier than trees here ever get--I didn't see many fallen limbs, but that was probably because the instant sudden ice layer is providing structural integrity). The layer of ice over the 6 inches or so of snow is almost enough to support the weight of a typical 34-year-old bass player without cracking and plunging his feet into the airy freezing wet depths below at every other step. You'll notice I said almost. Most businesses were closed, or closed early; buses ran at the weather's whim; a lot of vehicles had chains on their tires. La Palabra had a sign up: "We are closed today due to the FUN WEATHER!"

I like the idea of Keith's new project a lot, but what's he going to do when a single album dominates the #1 spot for months on end? Probably just get really clever, is what. That's the sort of thing Keith does.

Off to Seattle in fewer hours than I care to think about. I suspect it makes me a bad person that I can't think about their airport without remembering a Robyn Hitchcock line: "Viva viva viva viva viva Sea-Tac/They've got the best computers and coffee and smack."

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