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IQU at Dante's tonight were so good, so on point--I hadn't seen them play live for at least three years, I think, and they hadn't made a record in longer, but the new stuff is awesome. I loved the curdled disco song Michiko sang about "...the powder room/You powder me and then I powder you," and the one she sang through a Vocoder for that Daft Punk effect, and Kento playing "Loving You" on a theremin (and later playing theremin and guitar simultaneously), and the beat that started out as the break from "Hook & Sling" and rapidly got thicker and heavier. I want the album NOW. (It's done, but not out yet.)

Marcel describes the forthcoming Arthur Russell album, Calling Out of Context: "Imagine that Hall & Oates were infinitely wise giant bunnies from outer space." I'm reviewing it elsewhere, so won't go into much detail here, but that's a pretty good starting point.

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