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Happy discovery of the day #1: "Dough for the Do-Do," a Porky Pig cartoon from 1949 (apparently a color remake of a b/w cartoon from 1938) that's heavily influenced by Dalí and Magritte. Yes. Also deeply wacky.

Happy discovery of the day #2: the Multnomah County Public Library allows you to request any book or CD in their system from their Web interface, and will have it sent to the branch nearest you when it becomes available. Hello, Hank Williams box.

Lisa requested "green things" for dinner, so I made salad, black Tuscan kale with raisins, and brussels sprouts Cockaigne. Everything locally grown (except for the raisins) & acquired at the co-op grocery down the street, where I ran into Jamie Isenstein from Columbia, who was just in town for a day (and not even staying in that part of town). The "Cockaigne," incidentally, is not a cooking technique ("braised in butter and olive oil"), it just means "a personal favorite of the Rombauer/Becker clan."

Professional responsibility tells me I should be trying to listen to a whole lot of things from this year I haven't heard yet before I start doing any kind of annual wrap-up (and in fact I'm going out tomorrow to buy a couple of things as a Chanukah present to myself). Professional responsibility, nonetheless, is getting overridden by the kick-ass mix I got from Gaz in Australia: Laura Lee's "I Need It Just As Bad As You" and Kwest tha Madd Ladd's "101 Things to Do While I'm With Your Girl" are two great ones I didn't know (are infidelity songs automatically good? is there a counterexample?), Son of Bazerk's "Change the Style" and Vivienne Goldman's "Launderette" are two I was especially pleased to hear again. And speaking of the latter, this hits my sweet spot hard.

Thing I'm considering putting on lacunae: a curated MP3 section--links to songs I like that I've found elsewhere on the Web. Anyone interested?


'Are infidelity songs automatically good? Is there a counterexample?"

Shaggy - "It Wasn't Me."

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