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Back in Portland, Edie in tow (she was very well-behaved). I will simply note that drinking Red Bull makes me a Very Bad Man. A third of a can and, well, with the exception of a half-hour nap on the airplane I've been up for the last 36 hours. I giggle at things, and obsess over wordplay. Last night, as I was walking to the subway with my barely-sipped can, a little splashed onto my hand. I licked it off, and suddenly had a horrible flash on seeing a junkie, ten years ago, drink his little tube of methadone and then lick the cap out, then pour Sprite into the tube so he could drink the last tiny bits. "If I say something weird," I tell Lisa, "just remember, it's only the bellow of the Bull."

New Yorkers: do as I did and go see this at the Landmark Sunshine. Lauren, you especially, if you haven't yet.


lauren said:

i did and... wow!


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