jessamine blues

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Between poring over the Goodbye, Babylon liner notes ("Aaron Graves may have been the greatest tambourine player on record"), reading Dave Sim's exegesis of his own Latter Days (much more revealing and convincing than his Torah commentary, I have to say), and continuing to inch my way through Rising Up and Rising Down, plus attempting to formulate a Unified Theory of the Cure (the Robert Smith one) for a piece I'm writing, I've got a lot to wrap my brain around inside our cozy apartment. (I've got a desk in the work-room, near the radiator, at which I have yet to write a word, largely because I don't yet have a chair for it. Instead, I type while slouching on the sofa. This is the future they told us we'd have.) Which is good. You know how it rains in Portland? A lot? Well, yeah, that's what it does.

So at the moment I'm waiting for the rain to subside a little so that I can go to the produce store that Sarah told us about. (Listen to a song by Sarah, courtesy of K.)


jules said:

hi douglas,
hope you are settling in... it sounds like it. thank you for your card!

p.s. don't ever wait for the rain to subside a little. you'll not go out till june. if you and lisa would like to meet for snowshoeing in the mountains let me know!

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