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We've spent two and a half days in Portland, and are now abruptly taking a five-day entr'acte in Berkeley--our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with our neo-Californian amigae has for transportation-related reasons turned into an epic vacation. Which will be followed, a few days after we get back, by an extended boomerang trip to NYC. Strike your matches now.

From my stirring hand, so far today: carrot halwa, beet risotto with greens and golden tofu, black-eyed peas with ginger and onions and lemon zest. Might make a tsimmes if I can be roused to it. But I wouldn't want to be causing a commotion.

Features of Portland I'm appreciating so far: the light rail that got completed way ahead of schedule and under budget; the bike racks on the buses; the $5 vegan lunch specials on Hawthorne St. (the district in which one can get genuine hemp lighting fixtures, I think); the laid-back but timetable-oriented nature of things; Powell's Powell's Powell's. And more. And of course the fabulous Kate and Dan, who are kind enough to put up with us while we struggle toward home and routine.

Bad habit I'm trying to break myself of: attempting to map Portland onto NYC, both in terms of neighborhoods ("so this must be the equivalent of Greenpoint...") and, ludicrously, in terms of geography ("so I'm in the equivalent of Soho now, so if I take the eastbound bus I'll get to Chinatown"). This is five kinds of uncalled-for, I know, I know.

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