mole diggers three


Ego gratification moment of the weekend: going to OfficeOps for the !!! show on Halloween night (we wore the pumpkin outfits, because why not?), checking out their jukebox, and discovering the first Dark Beloved Cloud Singing Catalogue on it. I don't think I'd ever seen a record I'd put out on a jukebox before. !!! were good, too, although there was That One Guy who always needs to slamdance in the audience. Funny how every time he comes to a show he's wearing a new body, but they do all look pretty similar.

It's-really-happening moment of the weekend: going to take the subway tonight, I discovered that my MetroCard had run out, and bought a weekly pass instead of a monthly pass.

The James Brown Celebriduck continues to oversee my computer, but now I'm actually moving on to the other things in the to-be-listened-to pile. Presently: Hot Women, a compilation of 78s of "women singers from the torrid regions of the world," compiled and illustrated by R. Crumb. Precisely the right kind of musty sponge to mop up the unsavory psychic pools decorating the inside of my skull right now.

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