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28th Day were a fine party last night, and it wasn't our party, but we were allowed to crash it and had a good time anyway, especially when Barbara Manning ended the show by singing the first song they ever wrote (before they even fixated on R.E.M.), a terrible hardcore song called "Reality Is Contraception." I mean, they knew it was awful, but singing it again 21 years later made it really good. Maybe if I do the lame things I do now again when I'm 54, they'll be good. Note: I am not making any financial investments based on this notion.

For those of you who want to know what the 801 sounded like: Jess dramatically improved my vocal performance with her ingenious digital post-production on the "Blubber Mix" of "Mother Whale Eyeless." Speaking of which (sort of): If you ever find yourself in San Francisco and there are no hairflowers nearby, do check out the pirate supply store at 826 Valencia. As it advertises, it is far, far better than Cap'n Rick's. We bought a book of lies about giraffes there.

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