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Lauren, last night, pointed me at this quiz to determine if one is officially a native New Yorker. I think I'm something like 17 for 20. And now that's about to change. We pick up the van tomorrow morning. All right then, as Luke says in the last issue of Alias. New chapter.

Also: I have a new favorite blog.


John said:

We, too, are moving! We started out really all-guns about it; then we had to go on tour (L. came with me on the last one); then we actually bought a new house out in North Carolina. So we'll be out of here in a month. Like, whoa! I am impressed with you for moving, period.

But I won't see you next week at NYU - boo! Are you going to be near any good tour-route?

>Also: I have a new favorite blog.



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