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Stopped by the WFMU Record Fair for a couple of hours today, & was halfway pressganged into signing up for Otis Ball's Super Karaoke Fun Time Band. (The other half was me going yes, please!) The song list didn't have a lot that I was psyched about--I ended up putting my name down for the Stooges' "T.V. Eye." Then I remembered that I didn't actually know how "T.V. Eye" goes, other than "She got a T.V. eye on me/She got a T.V. eye..." Ran over to a dealer with some Stooges live stuff (Malcolm from Trash American Style, I believe), and listened to it on his boombox. Wandered back over to where Otis and the signer-uppers had just played their second song... only to hear my name called!

So I dropped my backpack, went up to the "stage" area, briefly noted that I'd forgotten my peanut butter and broken glass, and screamed "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRD..." as hard as I could.

Whereupon I realized that Iggy probably, you know, warms up before he screams like that, and that I'd just blown out my voice in a big way. And that I really, truly didn't know how "T.V. Eye" goes. Faked my way through it anyway, mostly by waving around the microphone stand, crawling on the floor, and groping Mike Lupica, who was taking pictures. Considered ripping open my shirt, but then thought "actually this is a perfectly good shirt, and nobody wants to see what's under it." Also considered using the guitar-solo section to explain that I've read two different explanations from Iggy of what the title refers to: either the CBS logo, or an abbreviation for "twat vibe." I somehow suspect the latter is closer. (I totally skipped over the breakdown section of the song, and just screamed the whole thing, then walked off when I was done.)

Also ran into my friend Paula, who's got a table at the record fair tomorrow. She told me that she'll be selling lots of punk rock stuff she doesn't want any more for reasonable prices, except for the first Skrewdriver album, which will be $200, with the proceeds to be split between the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP.

I thought, incidentally, that I would end up leaving the record fair today without even buying any records, which would've been some kind of coup of self-control (or some kind of indication that I'm very depressed and have lost interest in life--is that the same thing?). Fortunately, I hit a dealer with a big box of vintage soul singles, and ended up buying awesome relatively cheap 45s by James Crawford, Steve Soul, Maceo & All the King's Men, Hank Ballard, Marva Whitney and the J.B.'s. Thus proving that I do still have interest in life, or rather the subset of life that involves the Cincinnati soul scene ca. 1967-1973. Or that I have no self-control after all--is that the same thing?

Also went to St. Mark's Comics with Sarah Fan, picked up this week's new arrivals (I am very sad that there will be no more issues of ALIAS), and told them that they could remove my weekly reserve order (snif--that's with one F, the sound-effect-in-comics spelling). Can they really have set aside newly-arrived comic books for me over 550 times? Where will I buy the last five issues of CEREBUS? How much money have I spent there since 1992, anyway?

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