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We're currently in a hotel in Boise, Idaho, a day before we get to K8's place. Lisa is on the bed, watching an old episode of "Fantasy Island" featuring a little guy who looks like Paul Williams. There is a container of fruit salad in the fridge; we're not sure how it got there, but it looks awfully appetizing.

Last night we ended up in Rawlins, Wyoming. (People don't go to Rawlins, they end up there. In our case, the scary Rocky Mountains snow we'd feared is what made us end up there. It was fine by today, thanks.) Had hoped to be posting a lot more, but a) it turns out there aren't dialup numbers for either my service-of-choice or Lisa's in a lot of the places we've stopped, and b) the battery on this computer currently has an active un-plugged-in life of about 4 minutes. I think my personal low of the last few days has been standing out on a street corner that had wireless Net access, desperately trying to upload some writing I had due before the battery conked out... and then calling information and getting an operator who'd never heard of Apple Computer. ("Is that like a PC?")

Stop-offs today: Bliss, Idaho (where we also stopped on our honeymoon); Little America, Wyoming ("the world's largest truck-stop").

We found a natural-foods store today in Ogden, Utah, which had a selection of locally made raw/"live" foods. One of them was a magnificent Thai-style almond paté with chiles and lemongrass. Heavenly. I must figure out how it was made. When we got to Boise, the Whole Earth Tree-Hugger Café or whatever it was called that Lisa found had been replaced by the Rootin' Tootin' Red Meat Café or something along those lines (big banner on the window: "New Owners! New Menu! New Attitude! RIBS!"). Ah well.


John D. said:

Oh, oh, oh, oh, those live-foods vegan pates. Had some at a raw-foods restaurant in Minneapolis a couple of years back and practically went insane. Made a mental note to learn how to make them, but never followed through. I suspect that you need a blender from which it's really easy to extract thick stuff - most almond-paste-like things I've made in our blender wind up making me really angry as I wooden-spoon them out a teaspoonsful at a time.

Wyoming. Whoa. Did that a month ago or so. Exact same impression as you.

Liz said:

I should have lent you my copy of the Tofu Tollbooth. (I think that's what it's called.) It's great to have along on trips, written by Dar Williams, it's a collection of all the natural food stores and restaurants that she's come across while on tour.

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