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Currently sitting in my old bedroom in my parents' house, typing on the wireless connection. We had a totally uneventful drive, punctuated by lunch at Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, the little local deli that's so good that it now publishes both a mail-order catalogue ($45 coffee cakes!) and, swear to God, hosts management seminars, which is why the upstairs dining room was closed while we were having our delicious brussels-sprouts-and-pumpkin side dish and veggie-hash sandwich. I mean, they've got the branding thing DOWN: everything in the store is even in their own special font, about which there's a newspaper article in the men's room.

My old room is sort of a gold mine, especially the tape drawers--there's some stuff I now suspect is worth a lot of money, and some stuff I'd been waiting to get my hands back on for ages. Sadly, there's no tape player in the minivan, although I bet the CD player will soon be graced with my old copy of Talking Heads' "Little Creatures."


Liz said:

Yeah! Road-trip updates! I've never been so happy that the internet exists.

Jules said:

Man, Douglas. You are in Michigan. I can only imagine. And I just heard an old Yaz tune tonight on my alt radio station. Yea.

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