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...And we've also got this one up here, whoop! one more set of stairs, almost forgot. This one's $625 a month, and you also get the parking out back with this one. If the lot's full, there's usually street parking right nearby. That black Hummer right down there is mine--I can give you a lift over to my other building that's got some vacancies right now. I think I mentioned the washer-dryers down in the basement. If you've got a little cat, that's just fine. I'm not sure what that is next door--it doesn't sound like any kind of bird I know! I have a bird or two at home. Over here, most people use this as a living room. Well, most of the people who've been here. I should mention that we just do month-to-month here, it's much easier that way, we usually only raise the rent about every 18 months or so. Nice hardwood floor here, see? Oh, that window will have to be replaced. I'll just have my guys do it. If you want to put in your application today, there's a non-refundable $30 charge, and then they can come in and fix it up tomorrow and it can be ready as soon as tomorrow night. It's a nice building. Most of the people here are night workers. Over here we've got a closet, and then next to it a wardrobe-style closet, and there's another teeny-tiny closet right next to it, see? Wow, I'm not sure what that is on the floor of that! The kitchen's got nice gas burners, here... we might have to get that cleaned up. I'll just turn on the light here--oh, interesting! I guess that's a black light. I guess the last tenant probably put that in. No, no dishwasher, none of these old buildings have dishwashers or anything, but we do have the washer-dryers down in the basement. It's a very interesting neighborhood, kind of on the edge of a lot of things--you know, I'm not sure what The Booty is, they must have just opened that up since the last time I was here. There's a very nice little café right downstairs, and right across the street next to the detox center there's a 24-hour cigarette store, really sweet people who run that place. Would you like to fill out an application today, or...?


J0hn Darnielle said:

You moved...without having secured a place in which to live? You guys are either really brave or way younger than I thought you were, insert smiley-face emoticon.

Not sure if NW PDX is where are the trendies are still going, as it was a few years ago. My friend Giana had a nice place in near SW until recently (she went to Italy for an indefinite period of time), though she's single and therefore ideal for these li'l-box apts. that Portland specializes in. You might try nearer NE - take Broadway down to 33rd, turn left (there used to be an amazing comic book somewhere along the way called Future Dreams), and you'll see a number of really nice houses, some of which may have affordable rents.

Don't really know! Turn around and go the other way and come live in North Carolina with us! T minus 19 days 'til we hit the road!

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