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Nothing like a good exhausting band practice to get one's brain in order and one's muscles aching: rock therapy! The 801 played through our entire set in 39 and a half minutes today, partly due to my starting "Third Uncle" at a tempo for which I don't know if my bandmates will ever forgive me.

My fast yesterday was preceded by a West Indian "rundown"--vegetables, curry, coconut milk, half a jalapeƱo--and ended by a trip with a bunch of Lisa's photo pals to Katz's Deli, an East Village joint that's been there for, apparently, over a hundred years, and doesn't seem to have been consciously altered in design in a really long time--it's more sort of accrued. Every sign in the place is curling and yellowing; getting food there involves a complicated and unique procedure.


Mer said:

Give the guy in the white paper hat a wink and he'll give you lotsa free pickles.
Er wait...maybe that only works if you're a girl.

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