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Boom work the room, specifically the living room, where I've spent all of today except for a couple of mail-checking runs and a quick spell in the kitchen to make a big gingery mung bean/sweet potato/celery root-based stew, which I assume L. and I will be eating for the next week. I've been admiring the washed-out cover of the reissue of Marquee Moon--the story goes that Robert Mapplethorpe took some photos of the band, they made color Xeroxes of them (they had color Xeroxes in 1977? guess so), and then they decided they liked the color-Xerox look better than the normal photo. Was disappointed, however, to discover that the first line of "Marquee Moon" itself is "I remember how the darkness doubled"--last year Chelsea sent me an email whose subject line was "I remember who had the darkness doubled" (we were talking about what kinds of comparisons between Tucker/Brownstein and Verlaine/Lloyd made what kinds of sense), and that's what I always hoped the lyric was. The goat-with-slit-throat effect, I fear.

Which reminds me of the stages of connoisseurship:
1. Received wisdom: "Marquee Moon is way better than Adventure."
2. Fairmindedness: "Of course Marquee Moon is better, but there's some really good stuff on Adventure too."
3. Equanimity: "Adventure is every bit as good as Marquee Moon--you just have to be ready for the different approach."
4. Contrarianism: "Actually, I like Adventure far better."
5. Dismissal and redirection: "I have no idea why they're making people try to buy Marquee Moon AGAIN when both the Neon Boys and the second Tom Verlaine solo album are still out print."

Lisa and I continue to zoom, snail-like, through the parashah; today we started in on Ivor Cutler. (A personal favorite of mine: a strange old fellow who's coasted through life as a cult figure. He appeared in Magical Mystery Tour, has written radio plays and children's books and poetry books, has had his songs covered by Robert Wyatt and Jim O'Rourke, is I believe the father of Henry Cow's Chris Cutler, etc. There's more about him here, and some songs here.) Just a few more artists before Holger Czukay, and then on to D...


James said:


I always thought it was "I remember -when- the darkness doubled." I suppose I need to buy this new, possibly remastered MM for printed lyrics and/or clearer vocalizing.

(The new Costello double reissues on Rhino include printed lyrics, and I'm actually finding myself disappointed with some songs now that I know what Declan was really singing. Ah, well...)

The stages of connoisseurship:

1) Received wisdom: "-Crazy Rhythms- is way better than -The Good Earth-."

2)Fairmindedness: "Of course -Crazy Rhythms- is better, but there's some really good stuff on -The Good Earth- as well.


Forget it. There's -no- way I would ever believe any other Feelies album is greater than -Crazy Rhythms-, as much as I love them.

M Matos said:

just curious--does the Cutler collection include Cut(e) Hey? or whatever it's called, the EMI Songbook Series one? I remember playing my roommate's copy once and enjoying it. Seems like it'd make a nice semi-break from a lot of one artist, or at least a nice addendum to it.

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