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I bought myself a guitar today. It was $5, on the street, missing three strings and one peg, and appeared to be a self-contained battery-powered unit (but with real strings). Sadly, replacing the batteries seems to have done no good. It all worked out rock-wise, though: the Oblique Strategies practiced & pretty much nailed most of our songs. I got to play the lead guitar part on "Third Uncle," too.

Spent the weekend at SPX, the small-press-comics expo, covering it for Publishers Weekly. It was a neat way to spend a couple of days in Bethesda, MD, I got to have dinner with my dear Aunt Joan and Uncle Bernard, and I made a couple of friends, notably a fabulous young cartoonist named Vanessa (sadly, my attempt to matchmake her w/ another cartoonist failed to work out, even as several newly formed cartoonist couples were being all smoochy-face in the Tunnel of Love that passes through the wall in the lobby of the Holiday Inn where everybody was staying and the convention was being held). But it was also an odd experience in a couple of ways--I was hanging out socially with a bunch of cartoonists who are friends of mine, like (Oblique Strategies singer supreme) Leela Corman, but realizing that their way of relating to each other depends very strongly on drawing for each other (and, in some cases, drawing ON each other), and that's something I'm unable to do.

I did, however, decide that for next year's APE (the similar expo in San Francisco), I'm going to put together a mini-comic with comics pieces done by people in the comics industry who don't tend to do comics at all. Several luminaries have already agreed to contribute to it.

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