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Somehow I got the idea that the right way to start today was half an hour with a treadmill on its harshest setting. I'm not sure exactly where this idea came from, but I will be on guard against anything coming from that general direction in the future.

This was, of course, followed by seeing this, and thinking "dear God, I need to get the piles of CDs off my desk RIGHT NOW." So most of the writing I have to do got temporarily tabled while I whisked away mounds of discs, purged about 500 of them, and got the piles on my desk down to... um, a more manageable level. While listening to The Very Best of WCKR SPGT. My case is hopeless.


rebecca said:

that onion link is very very very funny.
i would have sent it had i seen it, just because of the pure volume.

lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful!
mad love to the L 2.

Jen said:

Ach! The sad thing is, I actually did spend last Friday night working on my recordnerd page. Oy! When you become the butt of an Onion joke...

Is that Tom Sharpling posing in that photo?

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