arcing drizzle


This happens every year when I return from the playa, but it's worth noting: I become acutely aware of how hydrated or not my body is, and observe that I'm normally sort of dehydrated a lot of the time. And have been attempting to rectify that with lots of water and Emergen-C.

Lisa & I went to see The Ex last night at the Knitting Factory. I really like the fact that whenever they change lineups (bassist Luc has left & been replaced by stand-up bassist Rozemarie) they throw out their set and write a new batch of songs, but only a couple of the new songs have the kind of arc of development I like in Ex songs--most of them are groove-and-repeat, which is a formula that works for lots of other bands but not for them. Loved the first encore, though: a song with a riff they picked up from a band they played with in Republic of Congo. Maybe my problem is just that I've seen way too many bands at the Knit, as great a sound-system as it has--if I'd seen them someplace I'd never seen a band before, I'd probably have enjoyed them even more than I did. Change of venue time!

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