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Went with L. tonight to see the Sunnyside Boys play at, as Craig put it, "Country Blue Grass & Blues." Which is technically the name of the place, I suppose. It's Craig-ex-GodCo's old-time band with Roger Manning and whoever they can convince to get on stage with them--tonight, the accordion player showed up, the bass/banjo player didn't, Roger turned up five minutes into the set (bearing a box of dumpstered pastries from Au Bon Pain), and the guest drummer/singer was Sharon-ex-GodCo, on stage for the first time in something close to four years, I think. They were... um... underrehearsed, which resulted in at least one impromptu Hank Williams/Johnny Cash/Little Richard/Holy Modal Rounders medley.

Before the show, we went to Kiev for dinner. Kiev apparently has new owners, who have decided that it should be significantly more chi-chi. To this end, they've stripped the menu way down (from a giant laminated two-sided page to a standard-looking fold-out thing that eliminates most of the weird New Yorky stuff that used to be on the menu--no more beets with horseradish, no more matzo brei scrambled or omelet style, no more compote. Also, the challah tasted suspiciously solid & storebought (as opposed to the immense fluffy slabs one used to get), one no longer pays at the counter, and everything is plated fancily--our order of pierogi (still mercifully on the menu, as is kasha varnishkes) was sprinkled with fragments of carrot and, I dunno, chives or something. What's wrong with a chipped pastel plate with a little puddle of cooking grease & water, I ask you? This is how I knew in my brain I should've left NYC already--if Dojo is a bistro when I get back I suppose I'll have to deal with it, but I don't want to be in the city when it happens. (I registered my feelings of shock & loss over the beets-with-horseradish on the comment form included with the bill. Comment form, I say.)

And, earlier in the day, the end of another era: I saw a new release by the Fall and decided not to buy it. This would be the "Bootleg Box Set," a $50, five-CD box of five live sets from their November 2001 tour. I love the Fall unreasonably and am willing to get gouged by them more than by almost any other band, but this just seemed like some kind of insult.


maura said:

Oh jeez. Word. I was wondering if that was another change that was going to take place after the redesign. Augh!!!

geeta said:


Liz said:

This is unthinkable. Just out of curiousity, what was left after the matzoh brie got whacked? Scrambled or omelet-style?

John said:

You could buy half the houses on my block for what you're gonna get for your NYC place. The gardening's great, the summer's been crazy temperate. Just sayin' is all.

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