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To celebrate our anniversary, Lisa & I went up to Dia:Beacon today--the museum devoted to enormous contemporary art, an hour and a half or so north of the city by MetroNorth. It always sort of frustrates me that so many contemporary and near-contemporary artists make a career out of a single idea--Robert Ryman, okay, I get it, ditto to some extent Richard Serra, ditto as much as I like his stuff Dan Flavin.

I do like it, though, when artists execute pieces that are amassed over a long period of time, no matter how similar they are. Lisa's fonder of On Kawara than I am--he's the guy who does paintings of the date on which he executes them, and puts them in boxes with a clipping from that day's newspaper wherever he is at the time--but I'm fond of the assemblage of days (and wish the boxes had been on display at D:B too). The artist I'd never heard of before who really impressed me today, though, was Hanne Darboven: hundreds and hundreds of identically sized collages and assemblages, often all in identical formats for a few dozen or a hundred in a row before abruptly switching to another.

One other thing that I really liked: the room of Warhol's Shadows series. I was impressed that they all obeyed strict rules for the way paint presented the images, except when they didn't, and even more impressed that Warhol indicated that they were to be hung in an order according to his assistants' whim.

Dinner tonight: a simple and very tasty eggplant-and-onion dish from Madhur Jaffrey's World-of-the-East veggie cookbook (not World Vegetarian), spiced with fennel seed, fenugreek seed, ground cumin, ground coriander, cayenne and amchoor. The anniversary is actually tomorrow, but D:B isn't open Tuesdays. Very much looking forward to marriage year three and beyond.


Mer said:

Two years already? Dang. Also...YAY!! Big sloppy mango kisses for yooz two. And a little fiddle ditty of some sort. Deetle deetle deee, xoxox, m

maura said:

Happy anniversary!!!

Liz said:

Oh. Wow. Happy late anniversary. Happy marriage.

Oh, and I started a blog. Link above.

Alisa said:

Happy anniversary! I'm going home and putting on Gold Kiss Gala, I'll Wed You in celebration!

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