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Those of you who wonder what the Gigantic Article that I was sweating over for the last month or so was need wonder no longer--just have a look at the massive piece on Clear Channel in the new Time Out New York (w/ Sean Penn on the cover), and you will understand. (Not online yet, sadly--Time Out stuff goes up on their web site four weeks after the issue hits stands. I'll link it when I can.) Also out today: Rolling Stone with Eminem on the cover and my reviews of the New York Noise compilation and the Dead Or Alive best-of on the inside.

Also: James Kavoussi just sent me his new Phoaming Edison CD-R, which is inimitably entitled GWEEEE!!!!!. Oh man. 20 new songs, plus deeply disturbed covers of Amon Düül II's "Archangels Thunderbird" and Particle Steve's "Green Fibre." That guy is a genius, and someday the world will recognize it.

Lisa & I went tonight to a project that Alan Licht put together: 40 or so people (including us) performing three vocal pieces that he directed--John Stevens' "Sustained Piece" from 1968 (eveyone inhales deeply, sings a single note until the breath runs out, then repeats on the same note or a different one, each person on his or her own breath-length), Licht's own "Subway Piece" (everyone simultaneously reads aloud something he or she has previously read silently on the subway), and Yoko Ono's "John Let's Hope For Peace" (from 1969; we weren't able to stay for it, but it's very much like "Sustained Piece," except with the title as text). We ran into Kenneth Goldsmith (a.k.a. WFMU's Kenny G.) there, very nattily attired, with Mister Six glasses and facial hair--he'd just read The Communist Manifesto in its entirety on his radio show that afternoon, he explained, and had dressed up for it. He pointed us toward Broken New York, a visual index of things in the city that have broken and will never be fixed, and mentioned his new book, whose title I've been trying without success to find online: he typed the entirety of a single Friday's issue of the New York Times himself. It's over 800 pages long.

Also: I have a sinister plan involving business cards.


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New James Kavoussi hurrah!

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