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I did a fill-in on WFMU last night--you can listen to it here. I'm pretty pleased with how the centerpiece turned out: an approximation of the Beach Boys' never-released Smile album, via covers of all the known songs from it. (Well, almost all. I played the Boys' own version of "Our Prayer," and since I couldn't find any covers of "I'm In Great Shape," I ended up bringing down the ukulele and playing & singing it myself.)

People seem to be liking the Clear Channel story from Time Out a lot. I'm very happy about that--I was afraid that phrases like "FCC rulemaking" would send them straight off to sleepyland, but I'm pretty proud of the story.

And so what have I been doing? Going to a few more shows; shopping with Jess for potential Burning Man gear at a big clearance sale that 38nine was having (got a ridiculous Scottish-royal-guard outfit that will be good for the desert); working on a couple of more pieces. Nothing too headline-worthy, and I'm feeling like I really need to get out of the house more. Maybe I'll do that right now.


James said:

Were "Good Vibrations" and "You're Welcome" (the b-side to "Heroes and Villains") ever considered as tracks for -Smile-? I listened to your show, but (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think you played either. But maybe they were never intended for the album -- I don't know myself.

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