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Been a bit--sorry, I was frantically writing, and then off to San Diego for Comic-Con International, which I was covering for PW (and from which I returned with a gigantic pile of graphic novels and comics). In my absence, Slate posted my article on Friendster, which seems to have gotten some good responses. (I've also gotten some requests to Friendsterize people I don't even know--you'd think they'd have gotten the message.)

Highlight of Comic-Con that wasn't quite what PW wanted to know about: Grant Morrison explaining, at length, the flaws he sees in Alan Moore's take on the Kabbalah in Promethea, then calling for another question and being asked "if the JLA and the X-Men got in a fight, who'd win?" In general, this year Con seemed like more of a job and less of a joy to me than usual. I suppose I'd have been more enthusiastic if I hadn't already seen a lot of the highlights right in my own back yard at MOCCA, though.

I've now seen The Apple 4 1/2 times (bailed out halfway through tonight to get some necessary work done). Oddly, I'm still not tired of it. At all. Quite the opposite, really.


Alisa said:

I gotta see this Apple film!

Brilliant article about Friendster. Do you mind if I put that link up on my LJ since Friendster is a curious topic for me and my (real) LJ friends?
I did tell you that I am Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol on Friendster, didn't I? Or well, I was one of the first, now there are multiples. It looks as though someone went to the Grove art dictionary online and cut and pasted bios on those two gents. The highlight of my fake profile's life has been getting irrate comments from Mary Boone.
I'll admit I've been totally disinterested in Friendster for a few weeks now. The novelty has worn off.
But it IS where I met Chad (he's definitely gay, I've finally decided) and we've had a great time because of that damned site!

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