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Last night was a Rubulad party, maybe their best yet--as many people as ever showed up, but it was such a big space (in Manhattan, no less!) that there was actually room to maneuver. I hope that in 25 years' time people talk about Rubulad's parties the way they talk about the Factory or (in a different way) Hurrah--Chris and Sari do an amazing job of constructing environments that are just totally fun to be in. (The $3 discount at the door if you show up in costume is a great idea.) This one had a room with dancing and DJs and, at one point, a woman in a burqa playing guitar; a room with patchouli incense wafting out of it and people sitting around chatting and belly-dancing; a room where somebody was showing ultra-obscuro videos by Spanky & Our Gang, Funkadelic (ca. 1970), Mungo Jerry, etc.; a bar area with vegan treats and amazing cupcakes for sale along with the usual beverages; a great big stage with Ari Up playing the best set I've seen her do (multiple Slits songs, WFMU's Terre T. singing along) and a couple of trapeze artists wearing spangly outfits with multiple baby-bottle nipples glued onto them, swinging a bit in front of the stage and off to the sides; an art-gallery-ish area; a table for the Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible Project, featuring lots of colored pencils and sample verses for people to add their own illustrations... really great. And Jess and Wes and Alexis were all there, which made the fun redouble.

Oh, and here are a few shots of the song 'n' dance madness from yesterday. More if I find 'em.


jess said:

heh, forgot to tell you...there was actually a man beneath that burqa.

i saw him take it off later (oooh, baby). but clearly he had the eyes of an androgyne.

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