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Spent most of today making phone calls & doing wall-to-wall research--it doesn't sound too grueling, but it is. But I had my sweet noise to get me through it: James Brown, the Temptations, the forthcoming Jeff Buckley thing. I think I sometimes treat music too much as an endless parade of new stuff to be concentrated on and commented on, and too little for its ability to, how do I put this, medicate with more-or-less predictable results. I put on Motherlode, I become happier than I was before--it usually works that way. I hear Jeff Buckley's guitar tone, I feel like some weight has been lifted from me, though I also become sad for him and sad in a lesser way for myself that I only got to see him play once. (It was late '92 or early '93, I think, at some kind of holiday benefit show at Tramps at which Lou Reed also played; two lines of "Hallelujah" and all of a sudden I understood why he was on the bill, despite being the only non-"name" on it.)

Plus the book of Alan Moore's scripts for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen arrived today. I promised myself treats once I got through the day; just read the script for the first issue, and Lisa's coming home so we can go to that freaky adapted diner we like in Williamsburg (not Diner, the one whose name we always forget) and split a plate of "tobacco fries."

And MoCCA is happening Sunday, and unlike the Mermaid Parade probably won't be affected adversely by the rain. As I stood inside Jim Hanley's Universe a couple of days ago and saw Megan Kelso and a couple of other people gazing raptly at the Kramer's Ergot anthology that'll be coming out for real this weekend, I thought: comics are GOOD.


JVW said:

What are 'tobacco fries"?

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