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I had one of those brilliant/awful ideas the other day at Lisa's art opening, for a performance piece/recording: Monochrome Flag. The idea would be to do something very similar to what the Ex-Lion Tamers did 15 years or so ago--cover Wire's Pink Flag in its entirety, verbatim, down to the space between songs--except that all the chords would be replaced with E. Same rhythms and everything, though.

Who's into it?


andrew m. said:

It's an awful idea. I'm totally down!

steve said:

I'm afraid that except for "Reuters" such a performance/recording would sound a lot like READ & BURN. Never have so few chords done so much for so long.

I'd be in except I don't think I can play an E. Also that READ & BURN comment above is a) snarky and b) true.

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