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Oh man. It's all heating up again now--I've taken to carrying around a modified reporter's notebook from Clairefontaine ("modified" in the sense that it's all squares, European-style, an affectation I love in the same way that I love using periods rather than dashes in phone numbers) with a big long list of everything I have to do, and crossing off items as they're finished, and transferring items to a new page when I've crossed out most of them... 6000 words due for sure in the next two weeks, and a couple of other things probable. Plus there's that book to work on. Which I'm doing. I swear.

Social activities from the last couple of days that have made me particularly happy: got to cook dinner for Elizabeth, who was in town (Nigerian red kidney bean stew with a peanut sauce, roasted golden beets with olive oil and a little bit of cumin, kale sauteed with garlic, rice, and a rhubarb-yogurt cake for dessert); had a delightful lunch at 18 Arhans with Sarah, who took me shopping for knives afterwards; met Lauren, who is enthusiastic and poetic and really fun to be around; went with Mer to see Rocket from the Tombs, who brought the big tweedly ROCK to Maxwell's (having not been there in a while I was having severe Maxwell's flashbacks, oh those wild early '90s); attended Lisa's friend Pete's birthday party and got to chat with a bunch of people native to her circle that I don't get to see often enough; attended Sigrid's baby shower and got to socialize with a bunch of extremely small and in some cases pre-verbal people, who were all very friendly.

I went & got interviewed this afternoon for a piece of NAJP propaganda (hey, I'll propagandize for them any time). Half an hour before the interview, I drank a pink vitamin water and ate a bunch of tofu. I will have to remember that, if only to modify it for future use--I felt like I was being scintillating, but I suspect after the fact that I was "scintillating" so hard the interviewers walked away with blinding headaches.


In re: treasured affectionations, I'm somewhat surprised that you don't utilize my favorite 'what day is this?" affectation, e.g. today for me is 11 June 2003. Phone numbers I used to write as one big block of numbers, no dashes or nuffin', but then my brain got older and my eyes more easily confused.

"affectionation"="I need coffee"

James said:

"big tweedly ROCK?" Anyway, I was at the show, and it was one of my favorites so far this year. I was really surprised and happy that Rockets performed "Sonic Reducer" (one RFTT song I associate more with the band that recorded it, the Dead Boys).

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