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The thing I was being so cryptic about earlier this week just happened: the Madagascar Institute Goes Crazy Broadway Style! I answered a call in the Nonsense NYC newsletter for "people who can't really dance"--turned out that there were only a relative few slots for people who can't dance, and a lot for people who can, but I was safely in the "chorus."

The final result of all this happened at 3 PM today in front of the New York Public Library: a gigantic production number, with maybe 100 or 120 dancers doing a huge synchronized routine to some recent recording of "Summer in the City." The chorus was "protesters and counter-protesters" (I was holding a big sign that said "MAYBE!" The funniest one, I think, was the one that said "U.S.A. #6!"); then there were dancers doing much more complicated things, dressed as Midwestern tourists, Williamsburg hipsters, poodle ladies, cops, hookers, street sweepers, rats, chorus girls, trash cans, etc. It was beautiful.

Had I gotten home from it five minutes earlier, I would have avoided getting completely drenched.


liz said:

I'm so glad that you went for that. I was seriously considering it, but with the band being out of town for our mini-tour it seemed that the timing wasn't right.

Has this event been documented? I'd love to see it.

Alisa said:

Some girl on LJ just posted a picture of the dancing rat and chorus girls.

I envy your NY fun!

lauren said:

the fun things always happen when i'm away! on any other given friday, i go by that corner upwards of 20 times a day.

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