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Saw Spellbound, a documentary about eight kids going to the national Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee, last night. (Here's the trailer.) It's wonderful, both on its own very modest scale (it's got really beautiful pacing and editing) and as a picture (from an odd angle) of class & status in America. And, as a friend of mine noted, you're not going to see a more suspenseful movie this year. The 10 PM show on Monday night at Film Forum was sold out; I hope it gets to play between the coasts, and I can easily see that happening. I also loved the headline of A.O. Scott's review in the Times: "Tense. The Children Are Tense. Tense."

New mix CD exists: Letta Mbulu, the Bangles, Lora Logic, !!!, Inner Circle, Fanny, the Congos, the Flying Lizards, the Roots, Jaga Jazzist, the Beach Boys, Sprout Head Uprising, Friend, the Velvet Underground, Gétatchèw Mèkurya, the White Stripes, Nobukazu Takemura, Cobra Killer, Queen, and Love, Execution Style. Who wants to trade me something non-musical for a copy?


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