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And a week later... I seriously thought I'd be done with everything by now. But Final Cut Pro is a cunning and ruthless enemy.

Technically, I am done with my classes at this point--at least the class I took for credit, the digital-media workshop. But the video I was working on for that class was my collaboration with Maja, which is one of her final projects for a different class that she's taking for credit. When I showed it in my final class on Thursday, the consensus was that it was a really ambitious failure. Actually, more like a really ambitious trainwreck. (Somehow, for instance, the juxtaposition of Arthur Danto talking about Joseph Cornell's assemblages and a handpuppet identified only as "Professor Fuzzy" talking about Cornell's authorship of Moby Dick was not quite as funny as it'd seemed in the editing room.) I'd gotten so obsessive about fitting in little pieces of everything we'd shot (and we'd shot something like 4 1/2 hours' worth of material for a 7-minute video) that I'd totally lost track of the big picture.

As much as I've been enjoying the collegiate opportunity to create some ambitious failures with no particular consequences, I also really wanted to get it right, and I wanted to put together something really good for Maja's sake. So: back to the drawing board, or rather the one desk in the editing room that looks like it has a mini-DV player attached to it but actually doesn't. At first I thought "hey, there's actually another, much more interesting movie in this footage, and it only overlaps with about 30 seconds' worth of what's in this edit." I still think that's the case, and I may yet try to put it together, but at the moment there is the deadline of Tuesday night. So I'm trying to fix what we've got: trying to give it some kind of conceptual flow, trying to deal with the "this thinks it's four different movies and you have to convince it what it is" problem, and getting rid of the damn puppet.

Normal life resumes Wednesday or so.

Big cartoonists' party last night: Lisa and I chatted with a bunch we knew or semi-knew (hooray for Ron Rege, the friendliest guy around), as well as a couple of other non-cartoonists of our acquaintance who turned up, & I made something of an idiot of myself trying to say hi to Ariel Schrag.

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