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So Lisa and I went last night (with a handful of friends) to see The Apple, Menachem Golan's 1980 film, at Sunshine Cinema on Houston St. Oh. My. God. Everyone who's in NYC tonight needs to see it (it's showing for the last time tonight at midnight). Everyone who's in L.A. on May 30 needs to see it at the Egyptian Theater that night (I will actually be in L.A. then, and may try to organize a field trip).

The Apple goes beyond so-bad-it's-good to so-bad-it's-a-luminous-masterpiece. It's a disco-musical variation on the basic theme of Rocky Horror, if you can imagine Rocky Horror starring Fischerspooner and their entourage, as art-directed by Matthew Barney, recast as an allegorical representation of Messaianic Judaism, which seems to have been inspired by exploitation-flick producer Golan (as in Golan & Globus) getting a crate of several thousand triangular holographic glitter stickers that said "BIM" on them and figuring out how to make a movie that would let him use them all. There are... remarkable... production numbers. There are costumes from which my eyes are still recovering. Wow.


Maya said:

May 30? LA? I am so...there.

Shall we wear costumes?


M Matos said:

my pal AG made me watch this at her house about a year ago. the second half does sort of pale compared to the first half, but with a thing like this who cares? have fun in L.A., and you really oughta try and organize an ILx FAP if you can out there--a midnight show of this flick is a Ned-made event if ever one existed.

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