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Happy 33 1/3 birthday to me! Appropriately, I've spent a reasonable portion of it shopping for LPs. Every time there's a WFMU record fair, I go there with a particular semi-impossible record I want to buy in mind, partly in hope that looking for my desideratum will keep me from being distracted by too many other shiny things. Didn't sell all that much at this particular fair, but I did find the thing I was looking for: Letta Mbulu's glorious GLORIOUS 1970 Afro-soul album Letta, to which I am listening right now. (Her voice reminds me of certain athletes' command of their own bodies and their obvious delight in it: the joy of just singing.) And I got to spend some time with Jess and Robin, and met Bruno of the Homosexuals, a band so mysterious and wonderful that I occasionally wondered if I had simply hallucinated their existence.

And then I came home and, for some pleasure-deferring reason I don't quite understand, put on the new Lilys album instead of my purchases. Actually, I didn't realize it'd be pleasure-deferring--I liked the last few actual Lilys albums plenty--but this one, on first listen, just seems to be Kurt Heasley playing his sailor's-knot games with the individual elements of his compositions, without the candy that baited e.g. Eccsame the Photon Band and Better Can't Make Your Life Better. I want candy.

Spent a while yesterday listening to the slush pile of CDs, with the goal of diverting as many of them as possible into the sell bins. Two things that escaped the latter: Jaga Jazzist's Animal Chin on GSL (basically the record I was hoping Tortoise was going to make after Millions Now Living...), and Rahsaan Roland Kirk's The Man who Cried Fire on Hyena (a reissue of an odd early-'80s collection of old live tapes, including a sensational if shrieky version of "You Did It, You Did It").

Typical Girls party last night = fab and friend-filled. I think I made a couple of new friends, too.


James said:

Didn't you mention here that the semi-impossible record you were looking for last WFMU Record Fair was a Scott Fagan album? I wasn't looking for it intentionally myself, but I did find -South Atlantic Blues- in fine condition for $4 and snapped it up today from a dealer who was charging that much for every LP in his stock. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, though.

Happy 33 1/3 birthday.
I hope it was a long playing celebration.

I hope your 45th birthday is more of a dance remix than a singles night.

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