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I finished the mini-mix, which was made considerably easier to sequence when I discovered that the 3" CD-Rs actually hold 24 minutes of music, not 20. Ended up not using a theme at all for this one, though thanks for all the suggestions, and I'll probably take you up on some of them sometime soon. The sequence ended up going Television Personalities, the Red Crayola with Art & Language, the Bangles, the Raincoats, Slant 6, Mclusky, the White Stripes, Uncle Wiggly, the Rogers Sisters, Pascal Comelade, the Magick Heads, Fat Day. Very, uh, indie-rock. Also sort of dbc-centric (3 out of 12, though none from actual dbc releases.)

Live music highlight of the last few days: Erase Errata (who have gotten TUFF-sounding on tour! plus they have lots of fab new songs! plus Sara still has a guitar tone even skinnier than Craig Scanlon's!) just edged out by their opening band Les Georges Leningrad, who rocked the best costumes I think I've ever seen on a rock band (esp. the singer/keyboardist wearing a black body suit, a black bandana tied around her eyes, and fake blood dripping down from it) and sounded like Michael Zilkha's dreams: some sort of combination of Mars (R.I.P. Sumner Crane), Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and Kid Creole & the Coconuts. I can't really imagine them making a very good record, but on the other hand that's what I said about Bikini Kill too, and I was seriously wrong about that.

I'm going off to Las Vegas for the weekend, where my plan is to eat garlic bread.

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