hair pie (bake 2)

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The three-part Clairol goop has come off my new haircut, which was perfectly adequate but removed the remainder of my Limahl-esque blond chunks, and I am once again new-wave-ified (though this time I think it's a little closer to Nik Kershaw). To pass the time while I was letting my hair steep, I've been working on a haggadah for this year's family Passover ceremony--stealing bits and pieces from various haggadahs I got from the library, writing some parts of my own, using Torah text from the Everett Fox translation I like so much. I hope the relatives like it. Meanwhile, in the next room, Lisa's listening to the final Coltrane of our parashah--The Olatunji Concert, a blistering blowout from 1967, in the course of which he rips a few previously untouched layers off "My Favorite Things."

Other current listening includes two Daniel Johnston things I've gotten in the mail in the last week or so: the new one, Fear Yourself, on which Mark Linkous does what he can to add fancy rich arrangements to some very lispy recent Johnston recordings (which is probably not the best thing to do with them, honestly--it makes Johnston sound like he's being propped up and wheeled out, instead of punchin' like Joe), and the deeply-unexpected-for-a-BMG-package reissue of his first two cassettes, Songs of Pain and More Songs of Pain, which are not quite as scary-hilarious-fierce as they were when I first heard them almost 15 years ago, but are close. (The problem could be simply that they lose something from their professional presentation: the hand-glued cassette format of their original release has something monstrously plaintive about it that a nice double-CD package doesn't.)

The drawing is going... okay. I'm having issues with my composition, but unfortunately they're mostly issues that come up after I've been drawing something for two hours or so and realize I should've done it another way. And the piece I was working on today is sort of painfully high-school, I'm realizing now. More to do tomorrow.


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