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Lisa's away this weekend (helping her mom back in Kansas City), and Edie, ordinarily the most sweet-tempered of cats, is not taking it well. I know just how she feels. I'm at home, delaying work on things I really shouldn't be delaying, listening to Asa-Chang and Junray's Tsu Gi Ne Pu (which is exactly the kind of record I buy so you don't have to), cooking Passover-friendly food, and realizing I've fallen out of touch with a lot of people here in NYC.

Spent this morning and a chunk of this afternoon at the Guggenheim, seeing Matthew Barney's Cremaster cycle, specifically 2 and parts of 3. I think one can plot a chart (of style rather than quality) that goes The Matrix-->really good David Lynch-->Cremaster-->watching paint dry. I mean, beautiful objects at the center of the image-sequence (I won't quite call it a "narrative"), no shortage of things to look at or think about, but S L O W...

So I have this stack of blank 3" CDRs, and I want to make a mix CD (max. time 20 min. or so), but I need a theme. Whoever suggests one I end up using gets a copy. (This is a blatant attempt to get you to use the comment feature.)


Mer said:

Aw jeez, I dunno...

How about songs that use boingy spring sound effects in them?

(You know, 'cause it's spring. dumb. nevermind.)

Hey, I'm listening to the Born In Flames mix you gave me yesterday and it's kicking my ass all over the room. Wheeeee!

John Darn1elle said:

I propose a mix called "White Lightning" that features only songs using clear alcohol i.e. gin, vodka, white tequila (no "Hey Nineteen" because that's Cuervo Gold), etc. But then again I am out of the habit of making mixes.

Thomas said:

How 'bout songs about being funky fresh dressed by people whose "fashion sense" you actually admire? [Inspired by OutKast's "So Fresh, So Clean" remix f/Snoop Dogg.]

liz said:

I've always wanted to do a comp based around songs that had slide guitar on them since I really love the slide guitar in Jigsaw Puzzle by the Stones and (jeez) just about anything by George Harrison. I've never made the tape because I kinda stopped there.

James said:

I tried putting together a mix of an all cover versions edition of Wire's -Pink Flag-, but there was a good nine or ten songs I didn't have covers for (ie., knew they existed, but not in my collection), or wasn't sure had ever been covered (I wasn't going to let Elastica's "Connection" pass as "Three Girl Rhumba," and you try finding another version of all 20-odd seconds of "Field Day for the Sundays"...) .

steve said:

Cumulative or progressive mixes, e.g.: first song a capella, second song has one instrument, third has two... tenth has ten; or, a mix that speeds up or slows down, with steadily increasing or decreasing tempi; or, a mix (no instrumentals) arranged by timbre of vocalists, with, say, Screeming Custard first (or last) and Peter Jefferies, then Tom Waits (or Waits, then Jefferies) at the end (or the start); or, a mix arranged by time signature: undifferentiated pulse rhyme on track 1, a polka or sthg else 2/4 on track 2, then 3/4, then 4/4, then 5/4... songs near end w/ long measures & multiple odd time signatures (like "Cattle and Cane" or Cop Shoot Cop, "Any Day Now," or the dozen other examples you'll likely have conceived by now if such a thing would actually be worth making).

Tom said:

How about a collection of good songs that inspired crummy movie titles?

Or do supposed themes that your favorite superheroes would listen to when they need to get pumped up... kinda like the way Daniel Day Lewis kept playing Eminem while filming Gangs of New York. And make it specific to each hero! And focus on X-Statix!

I'm still waiting for you to put that Joy Division/New Order comp together, something that would blow away the underwhelming RETRO box.

jodi said:

Maybe a CD of songs about being in a band, or being a musician?

In the same vein as James, I once made a mix tape of different versions of "Wichita Lineman" but it wasn't long enough to fill up a whole cassette.

Jeremy said:

I just got done making one called "F_cked Voice," which features nothing but songs that make some kind of "avant" use of the human voice (both augmented by technology and un-augmented).

This is a sequel to one I did called "F_cked Guitar."

If you make one based on either of these themes I'll swap you for my version. (Because, you know, when push comes to shove, I'm not above just offering a bribe.)

ME-L said:

How about:

Even More Songs About Buildings and Food?

Lisa said:

or an abridged White Album, based on this webtoy:

Lex said:

Fear or Dread - zeitgeisty topics now, but I couldn't fill a CD with songs about them. You probably can!

M Matos said:

Seven days of the week, seven songs?
Four seasons, four songs?
Members-of-family songs? (mother, father, son, daugher et al)
Comedy routines?

M Matos said:

...or maybe pick a favorite EP or album side and find tracks that correspond with those in some way (title, length, topic, key)?

Aaron said:

A mix consisting only of untitled tracks so you don't have to make a liner card?

(No fair using anything from a record where everything's untitled, though.)

james said:

How about Track 1 has to be Track 1 on the original source, Track 2, Track 3, etc.? Oh, and since it's a 3" CD, all the tracks have to be under 2 minutes...

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