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Oh, the weather outside is nasty,
And the sky's like a rhinoplasty.
But since there's no need to wail,
Let it hail! let it hail! let it hail!

Finished the drawings last night, after a fashion. Thought for a few minutes today about how I would describe them if I weren't, for instance, the person who had made them. The technique, I decided, is seriously lacking; the content, on the other hand, is borderline unforgivable.

There is an Arthur Russell night going on right now at Plant, and I had really wanted to be there, but the weather (cf. above) is beyond miserable, and so was I after class ended at 10, having been on my feet since early in the morning (yoga class this day was mostly let's-try-that-a-few-more-times work on a couple of poses for which my body is singularly ill-adapted). So instead I've just got "Tell You (Today)" in my head.


lz said:

You know, I've often noticed that people treat their favorite yoga places in a similiar manner to the way people treat baseball teams. They get competitive and possessive about how THEIR place is the BEST place.

It kinda makes sense; a lousy yoga class can be a painful thing.

That said, I have to recommend my yoga place which is gentle and easy-going. I once took a bad class somewhere else and wound up feeling like I'd been riding a horse for 3 hours. I limped for days. I regularly leave this class (Integral Yoga) feeling like I've grown 2 inches taller. I feel relaxed and pure and healthy and it makes me only want to do more healthy things.

Let me know when you'd like to try it.

(who actually doesn't go to yoga class all that regularly.

andrew said:

You caught me love dancing!

Arthur makes me want to fall in love on the dancefloor.

It hailed here (Little Rock) Sunday. Hail, man (in redneck voice).


geeta said:

i was in boston this past weekend. when i got there, i was greeted with an unholy onslaught of snow mixed with freezing rain and hail. was i in boston, or was i in a cold version of HELL!?! who knows?! we report, you decide!

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