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Time goes by, technology fails. My stereo receiver now requires a series of very firm whacks on its side to work when it's playing vinyl, and can no longer understand any signal from the computer; it would probably cost more to repair than to replace, and will take at least two weeks to repair. My printer has a tiny little broken piece of plastic that means I have to hold paper in place the whole time it's printing anything, and it still often can't handle printing; it would definitely cost more to repair (professionally) than to replace, but I sort of refuse on principle to spend $70 or so because of a broken 3-cent piece of plastic. A power-strip failed and plunged the living room into darkness at night for a couple of days until I grudgingly went out and got its replacement today. It's at times like these that I invoke the official provisional store motto of Curious Book Shop from the days when I was working there: "It'll Do For Now."

Massive influx of good music lately--you could say that I have thousands of good new CDs from the past week alone if you count the alarmingly great new DBC singles-club single, "Jane" by Cordelia's Dad, as a thousand of them. But I've also just gotten my hands on eight mix-CDs by a Hungarian friend of Andras's (who seems to be particularly enamored of Blurt and the Ex), a couple of smoking collections of early-'70s funk and groove stuff from the Flying Dutchman label, some new Azalia Snail demos, the In Out's Il Dito, an awesome anthology of forgotten British glam called Velvet Tinmine, Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano's Everyday Examples of Humans Facing Straight Into the Blow, a collection of Peel sessions by the Blue Orchids, Rob Swift's Under the Influence mix CD of obscuro funk (on which I finally heard Eddie Bo's "Hook and Sling," and it was as good as I'd been told), the new Mika Vainio record (if I'm going to Finland I'm not going without hearing that first, I figured), Ethiopiques vol. 13... I may also have to become a bike messenger to afford all of this.


jessamyn said:

sounds like you have your hands full. but if you run out of music, I have some Cordelia's Dad tapes from when they used to play on college radio acoustically, back in the 80's. Drop a line if you're needing some.

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