double vowels, double consonants


Our last night in Finland, following a tempest of a day: trips to the Nokia, Iittala and Marimekko factories, plus a university and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting, plus a reception for an art prize of some kind (all the candidates were on the walls, all were Nordic, most were identifiably ripoffs of notable artists from elsewhere in the world--we were making jokes about "oh, this one's by Ilpo Richter... and here's a Pekka Basquiat... and a Mika Goldin..."), and finally a light meal and sauna at the home of a pianist/accordionist named Pekka, at whose apartment there were a bunch of other musicians hanging out, and a great deal of very casual but magnificent operatic singing went on. And Andras revealed his hidden piano-playing talents, followed by Anya doing the same, and Elizabeth picking up an accordion for a bit too. I was thinking for a few minutes that this was exactly the sort of party I wish I went to all the time, where people would just casually make music for fun, but then I realized that they weren't the amateurs-in-the-true-sense I was thinking of--the people driving the merrymaking were actual professional musician types. But still.

Not sure if I'll have web access in Russia, for which we leave early in the morning. Be well, and be safe, and love to all reading. See you Sundayish if not before.

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