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New limericks up. The world collectively exhales.

Saw the Matisse/Picasso show yesterday morning at MOMAQns. Nifty and surprising--my favorite thing I hadn't seen before was Picasso's cover version of Velazquez's Las Meninas (one of a whole bunch he did, it appears)--in this one, he basically summarizes the whole thing in about twelve lines. But you can see the dialogue between Matisse and Picasso, which is nearly as lopsided as the dialogue between, say, Sam and Dave. Picasso does something and Matisse says "hmm--that's interesting, I wonder what would happen if I tried to do that." Matisse does something and Picasso says "oh, yeah, I can do that," and knocks off his own version except it's about five times as good.

Spent the evening celebrating Aileen Brophy's birthday, partly by singing karaoke. I need to spend more time in karaoke parlors, I think. Sang Prince's "Kiss," which seems to be what I sing every time I end up in one of those (although it always blows out my voice), and tried ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All." "Was that from a musical?" somebody asked me afterward. No--well, uh, yes, Mamma Mia!, but ex post facto.


lauren said:

True, Picasso's whole three-dimensional guitar series has always been #1 on the list of what art I'd want in my house if I ever a) owne a house or b) become a millionaire, but I was really struck by how much feeling came across in Matisse's work. I mean, Picasso's work is visually arresting, but Matisse's radiates emotion.

Anyway. I need to go see it again.

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