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The limericks have moved onto a page of their own. There's a new one there, too. And yes, you're still totally welcome to send me a comment or an email and ask for yours--it might take a few days to get to, though.

Just saw Addicted2Fiction's second show (and first with Liz B. drumming): super-fun, and not much like what I expected based on their former bands. Names that came up in the "they remind me pleasantly of..." discussion included Clan of Xymox and Skinny Puppy, though there was a certain new-wave tinge to them too (underscored by the Depeche Mode & Tones On Tail covers--very nice, esp. the sample of David Gahan going "ALL RIGHT!").


Jess said:

[subject: rhyme not, lest ye be rhymed]

The new ukuleleist Wolk
Found his strings were in need of a stroke.
He turned every tuner:
The pitch rose much sooner,
With a wail that could waken James Polk.

um, sorry.

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