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The parashah is well into the Complete Atlantic-And-Beyond Works of John Coltrane listening marathon--tonight's selections were A Love Supreme and its alternate takes. We are being ludicrously complete completists about it, to the point where I was briefly considering stopping by Tower Records today to see if I could buy the one in-print piece of the Impulse!-era discography I'm missing, Coltrane's two tracks on New Thing at Newport. (The deciding factor against: one of them is yet another goddamn version of "My Favorite Things.") We're in the period right now where pretty much everything flattens me against the wall--last night it was "Your Lady" that did it, with that unbelievable single-note bass pedal point.

I was complaining for a bit that I didn't have enough projects to work on. Foolish D. I have MORE than enough projects to work on. Currently in the hopper:

*Basic site design sketches for my practicum
*Contacting about a million people about getting files together for the practicum
*Finishing up the organization for this Friday's "transdisciplinary salon" at Columbia
*Sketching out the way the final project I'm working on for Sound/Image might be arranged
*Speaking of sketching: drawing in my sketchbook
*Finding materials for an assignment for the digital-media class
*Assembling that New Order/Joy Division set
*Making something for the ilxor variant on 20 Things
*Re-revising the piece on compression I wrote for last year's EMP conference
*Putting together a new mix CD
*Learning Final Cut Pro
*Learning Max/MSP
*Learning Digital Performer; using it to record a particular small piece I've got in mind
*Recording some stuff with people for the dbc secret project
*Organizing the new Typical Girls compilation
*Publicizing the singles club a bit more

Anya points out that this site makes it clear that I'm an only child; I do tend to rattle on here about things that are not necessarily of interest beyond myself. But I also do it to have reference material I can reach anywhere, and sometimes (as in the present case) to shame myself into actually doing stuff.


jodi said:

re: learning MAX/MSP

Once you start getting into it, it will absorb all your time, like a thousand rolls of paper towels, a super sponge, or a super-strength overnight tampon. I'm not joking.

So if you're serious about the *other* stuff on your list, do them first. Then let Max take over your life.

Signed, Max Addict

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