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Day three of the new semester, and my previously sprawling course options have now contracted to one definite, a couple of crossing-my-fingers, a couple of backup possibilities, and a whole lot of I-don't-think-sos. Which is why I haven't been posting my course-shopping adventures in detail here: trying not to hex anything.

Instead, I'll just say what I've been doing the rest of the time: attempting to get all my singles alphabetized (the first time they'll have been in total order since, er, 1993 or so) and purging duplicates and unwanted ones; getting lots of sleep (my body's still not totally up to speed after last weekend's twitchfest); listening to boxed sets. In brief:

New Order, Retro: I have no idea how they managed to screw this one up, but they did. New Order are one of my absolute favorite bands ever, they've been playing together in one form or another for more than 25 years, and they have no shortage of interesting material. Somehow, though, this box ended up with 65 tracks (counting the bonus disc) and just over 40 songs--way way WAY too many appear two or three times in various versions. It's hard to hate, since it's hard to hate anything with "Bizarre Love Triangle" on it, but what I kept thinking as I listened was: I could do SO MUCH BETTER than this. I could compile a single-disc best-of-post-Substance that would flow better than any of these discs (or International or the official best-of). Or I could curate a totally slamming comprehensive three-disc-or-so retrospective of their whole Warsaw-Joy Division-New Order-Electronic-The Other Two-etc. career that would be a good introduction for newbies and have enough oddities to please hardcore fans. And given any kind of incentive, I probably will, just on my own. Hint.

Chairmen of the Board, Finder's Keepers: The Invictus Anthology: Not a bad deal, at $18-less-25% through Tower's sale for three discs. They were the fake Four Tops assembled by Holland/Dozier/Holland when they started Invictus, with some top-flight soul voices (e.g. General Johnson), they had a promisingly odd repertoire, and their last album, Skin I'm In, is psych-prog-funk of the kind I normally go for. But H/D/H had a formula, especially in this period, and I like what they did with Honey Cone at the same time much better in general.

Next up: five discs' worth of Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. Which I may have to take kind of slowly: they're really meant to be heard three minutes at a time.


Mer said:

"And given any kind of incentive, I probably will, just on my own. Hint."


( ( ( performing twitchy New Order rain dance ) ) )) )

M Matos said:

I played Proper's Louis Jordan box (four discs not five) thinking, well, I'll get tired of this fairly quickly. Oh. No. I. Didn't. What a treasurehouse.

This is a test: which song from Electronic's Raise the Pressure would you put on your three-disc JD/NO overview?

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