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Another advantage of being married: having someone around to make sure one sticks to one's New Year's resolutions. I probably wouldn't have made it to the gym tonight on my own, and my body spent the first 45 minutes of the hour going "don't wanna." But I made it through, and read a giant chunk of Superman in the Sixties, a book of reprints that features some of the most desperately messed-up comics ever printed. If you've never experienced "The Red-Headed Beatle of 1000 B.C.," well, you're a less confused person than I am. I was actually inspired to go back and re-read the book after having read Supreme: The Story of the Year, a collection of the first year's worth of Alan Moore's run on Supreme, which was evidently printed from scans of the actual comics--ouch. But it half-pastiches and half-parodies a lot of those great '60s Superman stories really effectively: before I read the Superman book, I'd just have said "parodies."

Spent this afternoon in Crowns on 45's old space (now addicted2fiction's space), doing a little recording project with the fabulous Liz B. for a semi-secret thing I'm working on. I hadn't played with her in something like a year--it was great to actually collaborate with her again.

A year or two ago, one of my header lines for a "noise" entry was "James Jamerson in the Beatles." (At the time, I'd been working on something that I was really good at & really liked the people I was working with, but felt totally out of place anyway--Sam Kieth's line about quitting Sandman because he felt "like Jimi Hendrix in the Beatles" came to mind. Yesterday I got an email from a guy who had found my site from a search on the phrase "James Jamerson in the Beatles"--it was part of his Paul-is-dead theory. (Doesn't work right now if you do the search, because the noise archives are currently sealed off from Google. They'll be unsealed again once I have a chance to do a little HTML, probably later this week.)

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