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So much for that bright idea. I was all set for this weekend to be some kind of exciting romantic getaway for the two of us. Yesterday morning, I had a couple of weird cramps and abruptly found myself in a horrendous mood in which I was convinced that 1992 was the year where I'd been sort of the person I wanted to be for about six weeks and then started making terrible decisions that had led me into a life cul-de-sac, realized that I'd really better lie down, began to ache all over... and then realized that I probably have whatever nasty bug Lisa had a couple of days ago.

I've spent most of yesterday and today in bed, in three-day-old-kitten mode. Lisa took two days to get over whatever it was, and I'm seriously hoping I can do the same. I'm feeling a bit better today than yesterday, but my attention span is stilll just about enough to handle an issue of Batman Adventures.

Lisa, angel that she is, just brought me Grenadine's Goya to listen to. 1992 really was a great year for that stuff, you know?


rebecca said:

so. two things. like the loser i am, i missed your birthday again this year, like i mostly do. but huge love to you none the less. second, 92 wasn't all bad. it was 91/92 when i met you (i think) and i'm pretty thankful for that. shall i go on about how i love you? i'm happy that we've been friends, and thrilled to the point of wetting myself that we still are friends. so there.

rebecca said:

and did i mention, love to your fabulous spouse as well.

Douglas said:

And love right back to you, too!

liz said:

I tend to think about 1994, when I was in my last year of high school and still thought I knew all the words to all the best songs... EVER. And then I remind myself to buy some ice cream. And a lollipop. And a pony.

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