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Stuff to do expands to overfill the time allotted, especially when that stuff includes surfing the Web. But that stuff also includes everything I want to do before classes resume: everyone I want to have lunch or dinner with, everyone I want to write to, all the apartment maintenance that needs doing. And it includes cooking: last night I dipped into the Ayurvedic cookbook that Alexis Soloski gave me for my birthday (thank you, Alexis!) and made tofu gumbo with fennel. Mmm.

Currently re-reading George W.S. Trow's In the Context of No Context, two essays that are more or less about the rapid transformation of American culture via television (Lisa watched Network last night, which goes well with it; I re-watched the first hour with her). I admire Trow's style in the book immensely, even if it sometimes circles his content protectively and refuses to let anyone at it.

The new dbc singles club thing, Oedipus's "Hybrid Phase Yellow," arrived today, & will be going out shortly. I'm very happy about it.

Question for lacunae readers: can you please use the comment feature to recommend a DVD that Lisa & I should rent, & maybe explain briefly why?


Jenny said:

I'd recommend the DVD of City of Lost Children, or Amelie. Both are by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (I think I spelled that right) and his commentary is priceless.

The extras on Amelie are quite good as well.

Mer said:

Baraka, if you haven't already seen it (which you very well may have), 'cause it is way pretty.

The Conan The Barbarian DVD has THE funniest commentary track ever, ever, EVER, EVER!!

see you in an hour or so...


Aaron said:

I watched _Following_ recently and immediately watched the director's commentary, which was very informative on the topic of making a movie with REALLY no money. And it's a good movie, albeit flawed in ways that Memento would fix.

M. Matos said:

My Man Godfrey is the single funniest movie I have ever seen that doesn't star the Marx Brothers. Sullivan's Travels isn't too far behind; the final third is mostly not funny at all...until the payoff joke, which made me laugh for five straight minutes. (thank goodness for pause buttons.)

rae donaldson said:

I'd suggest borrowing Preston Sturges' "The Lady Eve"-apart from being his funniest film it's also deliciously sexy. Barbara Stanwyck was a peerless comedienne!

maura said:

The romance in Jackie Brown is one of the most beautifully heartbreaking to unfold on a screen in the past five or so years (really -- chalk it up to the note-perfect performances of R. Forster and P. Grier). The DVD has lots of excellent extras, too.

And there's always the recently issued Criterion edition of Contempt, which includes among its extras a conversation between Godard and Lang and two short documentaries from the film's set.

Jen said:

I'll second the My Man Godfrey recommendation, as that happens to be my favorite flick. Just make sure to rent the Criterion version, as there are some low-rent DVD resissues w/horrible sound & picture quality.

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