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I picked up Lisa's clarinet from the repair shop today (it hadn't really been played since she was in high school, I think, and needed a tune-up), and a couple of days ago my stylophone arrived. Between those and the ukulele, our apartment has been emitting a lot of odd high-pitched noises lately, but we're having fun.

We went to see Charming Hostess at Tonic last night--they did some of the Walter Benjamin material, a few folk songs of various provenance, and some new settings of an Eastern European poet whose name I didn't quite catch. Charming Hostess are like the way-too-enthusiastic a cappella group from college who thought they were all cool and multiculti and intellectual and girl-positive and stuff, except that they actually are all of the things they want to be--some of the new material, with Carla from Tin Hat Trio playing violin, kind of seems like a formal breakthrough, and not just for CH.

It's not entirely final, but it looks like I may well be taking an intro drawing class after all, with Jesse Bransford. (Cross fingers.) Our first assignment was to "make marks" on ten pages of our sketchbook this weekend. I'd forgotten: Art Is Hard. I figured I'd do five pages today, five tomorrow. I've managed 3 1/2 so far today, & will probably attempt a few more after I post this, but whew. While I was out in the city today, I saw a few things I wanted to try to draw, and then realized I had no idea how to even start drawing them. At home, I tried to make drawings based on a few Jandek album covers: Ready For the House was easy enough, and so was Your Turn to Fall, but Chair Beside a Window gave me real problems. It's going to be an uphill semester, I think.

Also, I think I need to find out more about bamboo bands.

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